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Congo's infant mortality rate


This is the % of the population without access to medical care.



Average life expectancy in Congo.


The number of people who regularly resort to self-medication in the Congo.

A severely weakened healthcare system.

Never alone.

In Congo, health issues are widespread and local people often find it difficult to access the medical care and information they need. 

On the one hand, the limited number of infrastructures and qualified professionals, as well as poor accessibility, have compounded the problems faced by the inhabitants, who find themselves left to fend for themselves, often without advice or medical solutions. 

The country also has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world, and the shortest life expectancy. In addition to malnutrition, which remains the leading cause of death, there are numerous diseases, epidemics and infections. Illnesses which, if left untreated, kill thousands of people every day.

Medical deserts, lack of information, lack of confidence and lack of resources are driving people to consult unqualified physicians nearby, or to rely on traditional medicine and self-medication. This can lead to serious health problems and consequences.


On the other hand, healthcare professionals have few solutions to meet these challenges. Many do not have access to the technologies, infrastructures, facilities and human resources needed to improve, simplify and develop their activities and practices. These shortcomings are gradually depriving the country of competent physicians, despite the consistent intervention of NGOs.


SYNWELL was founded in response to these national challenges, with the ambition of developing an accessible, secure and egalitarian healthcare system in Congo, where everyone can receive quality healthcare and appropriate information, and where healthcare professionals can practise and thrive. 








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